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Bachelor of Engineering - Machine Construction (DHBW Dualen Hochschule, Baden-Württemberg. Mosbach)

Course Requirements

  • Specific course requirements are laid down by the high school and basically pertain to academic qualifications achieved within Germany. However, further information is available from their homepage: DHBW, Mosbach.

The competence of a Machine Construction Engineer covers the methods of construction, and production techniques combined with the use of simulations and computer control systems, efficiency and technical, problem identification and solving. An affinity to the natural sciences and mathematics together with specific technical interest would be considerably advantageous for this course.

Time Frame 

The course takes exactly 3 years and cannot, normally, be extended.


  • In the course of the year, the student can expect to spend 24 weeks in his company and 24 weeks at the high school.
  • Study and practical phases change during the course on a 12 week basis. 


The Course

The theoretical semester is absolved at the Dualen Hochschule, Baden-Württemberg, Mosbach (DHBW).

The course in Machine Construction at the Dualen Hochschule teaches the solid, theoretical and practical basis for future, broad spectrum, responsibilities in connection with the development of machines and machine groups. 

In the ground course, the accent is on construction technology and the accompanying Mathematics, Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Materials and Construction Techniques. The main study course deals with the usage of the ground course subjects and the design of units.

Practical Phases

The aim of the course is to provide the candidate with a solid grounding in his chosen discipline that also fulfils the commercial considerations of modern day business.

The student will learn the basic strategy in, machine construction and business studies, e.g. Metal forming, joining, data manipulation and electronic techniques.

The grounding in both the above directions will qualify the student to work in both areas, due to his engineering training combined with a high level of social and methodical competence.


Bachelor of Engineering

Areas of Potential Employment

A broad spectrum of employment possibilities is open for the successful candidate, e.g. Machine Construction, Prototype construction and testing, Project analysis, Sales and in a customer advisory capacity. The necessary knowledge of natural sciences, engineering methods and processes, including computer science techniques, and a grounding in business studies will be learnt at the high school.

Further Education

Further study for a Master’s degree 




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