Thank the intensive training and experience of our (currently) 16 employees, in the quality control centre, excellence is assured from the material reception stage through to the finnished, dispatched product.

The QS system is orientated along VDA guidelines, meaning that, when required, an analysis is made (FMEA) of failure possibilities and the influencing factors The production from test ideas and inspection instructions, and (on request), the creation of an initial sample reports. In this way, we produce annually some 2,500 new or altered parts.

Together with our skilled labour, our work is enhanced via the use of the most modern technology e.g. 6 axial, measuring angled arm, 3D measuring equipment, a 2D Scanner system and height measuring equipment, all subject to the regular checks in accordance with VDI/VDED/GQ 2616. 

Customers from the rail and air-craft industry require specifically documented, evidence of conformity for their products, in order to check-back on the history of the product’s manufacture. Such information is, on request, documented and archived by KWM WEISSHAAR. Since the mid 90’s we have the Authorisation for the German Rail welding DS952 which, is covered by DIN EN 15085-in the meantime, DIN EN ISO 3834 (Technical Quality Requirements for Melt Welding of metals).

KWM WEISSHAAR is also qualified for welding of steel constructions (EN 1090-2) and aluminium constructions (EN 1090-3). Further it is qualified for welding of aluminium and the repair of aluminium constructions for defence equipment (DIN 2303).


DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 

Quality Management System
PDF 646 kB 


Handbook of Quality Management

PDF 1,9 MB 


DIN EN ISO 3834-2 

Quality Requirements for Melt Welding of metallic components \ Comprehensive Quality Requirements
PDF 719 kB 


DIN EN 15085 Part 2, Class CL1

Welding of rail vehicle and locomotive parts
PDF 568 kB 


DIN 2303, Q2 / BK1 

Quality requirements for the manufacture and repair of military equipment by welding, brazing and thermal spraying.
PDF 484 kB 


DIN 6701 Part 2, Class A2

Documented Evidence of Conformity, Adhesives for rail vehicle parts
PDF 326 kB 


EN 1090-2

Welding of steel structures
class EXC2
PDF 405 kB



EN 1090-3

Welding of aluminium structures
class EXC2
PDF 410 kB






KWM Karl Weisshaar Ing. GmbH
Zwingenburgstraße 6-8
74821 Mosbach

Telefon 06261 \ 945-0
Telefax 06261 \ 17568



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