Startup of a further 5-axis laser cutting and welding machine type TruLaser Cell 7040. Processing of up to 15 meters long components.

508 Employees



Starting up a new press brake for an economic folding of small and medium batch sizes. Rebuilding the pickling plant.

510 Employees



Successful re-certification according to DIN 6701-2 (Class A2) for bonding in rail vehicle manufacturierung. Exhibitor at InnoTrans fair in Berlin and first time at the Swisstech fair in Basel.

501 Employees


Investment in a further 3D-Laser facility. Re-certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and DIN EN 15085-2 CL1 - Welding of railway vehicles and components.


505 Employees



Re-certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. Introduction of a new blasting plant
Investment in a further welding robot.


505 Employees 





Implementation of a new Corporate Conception.  “Process Chain - sheet-metal” adopted as our new slogan. Celebration of our 30 year anniversary.  Increase of the IT facilities. Adhesives certification in accordance with DIN 6701-2.

500 Employees



The following were taken into use: A new press / laser equipment / contract control centre, high shelf, waben storage, 110 kw photovoltaic (solar) system and three new working centres. Construction of a large section welding centre. Acquisition of a new administration sector. Implementation of a new technical drawing centre.

495 Employees


Enlargement of the company grounds from 33,400 m² to approx. 57,000 m². Reorganisation of production aimed at improved material flow, by the introduction of three additional production centres. Introduction of a second, CNC milling machine for aluminium, surfacing work.

490 Employees


Investment in a 6 axial measuring arm. Improved capacity via the introduction of a further press machine, a CNC milling machine, a long axial joint and an orbital welding machine.

441 Employees


Introduction of a new 5kw flat laser. Further, during the year, the introduction of a welding and a bending robot. Introduction of EDI. Reorganisation of logistics.

415 Employees



Completion and occupation of a new assembly workshop of 1,800 m². Commencement of Aluminium surfacing – to 8,000 mm job length. Certification of our Quality Management System in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000.

407 Employees



Introduction of a Lauffer-Tiefziehpresse (280 to), Point welding machine for mid-frequency technique (300 kVA), a FASTI, curve bending machine and new construction of a (fully automatic) stainless steel preparation facility.

380 Employees



Introduction of a laser press combination - TRUMATIC 6000, a CNC controlled press - TRUMATIC 5000 with automatic material introduction, a 4 meter edge bending and a 4 roller bending unit.

386 Employees



Introduction of a large component, paint spray construction, cleaning and degreasing equipment and a CNC milling machine. Introduction of TOPLAS for 3D laser programming and CATIA as a further construction platform.

377 Employees



Completion and occupation of our seventh building with an area of 2,900 m². Introduction of a seventh laser composition (6 kW).

387 Employees


Begin and completion of our sixth building section with occupation of a second storage building giving 1,620 m².  Launching of our third working section.

338 Employees


Expansion of the assembly section to accommodate rail vehicle technology and introduction of a sixth laser plant – 2D construction now with COCreate “ME 10” and 3D construction with CoCreate “Solid Designer”.

341 Employees



Expansion of social space, storage facilities, and office space to 4.700 m², with increase in machinery capacity.

257 Employees


Enhancement in laser cutting, laser welding and tube cutting.

190 Employees


Commencement of laser technology with a 5 axial laser cutting assembly. Construction with CAD, HP ME10 and ME 30.

189 Employees


Expansion to 1.250 m² to accommodate assembly and work preparation.

158 Employees


Expansion to 7.000 m² for production and social space.

90 Employees


New factory construction with social facilities and administration accommodation - 3.500 m². Company conversion from single member status to KWM Weisshaar GmbH.

45 Employees


Grounding of the company with a single member status.

3 Employees





KWM Karl Weisshaar Ing. GmbH
Zwingenburgstraße 6-8
74821 Mosbach

Telefon 06261 \ 945-0
Telefax 06261 \ 17568


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